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Best Preschool In Faridabad


As parents have aspirations for their children, and we give them a range of experiences to fulfill them. Programs at The Cuddle House – Best Preschool in Faridabad provides the best of these experiences. The curriculum supports creative expression, literacy, music, and more. Independent, teacher-directed, and small-group activities encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery.

Preschool Programs at The Cuddle House are specially designed to focus on holistic development of the child.

Neo Moms - The Cuddle House, best preschool in Faridabad
NEO MOMS (1-2 Years)

A mother is the first teacher of a child. The initial years of interaction shape their bond for life. This program explores that bond. New mothers have enriching experiences with their children, partnering in their development, and sharing that joy with others.

Pruvo (1.5-2 Years)
Pruvo is a next step on the ladder fostering ‘independence’ while working on their sensorial, physical, linguistic and social-emotional skills through engaging and convivial activities.
Huggers - The Cuddle House, best preschool in Faridabad

NUVO (2-3 years)

A child’s motor skills, social skills, and language develops at a rapid pace. This preschool program helps a child to easily acquire these skills through specially designed activities. This program also encourages the mindful practice of living in the moment.

Huggers - The Cuddle House, best preschool in Faridabad

HUGGERS (3-4 years)

Children need to be encouraged and empowered to be confident. This preschool program is framed with multiple and diverse learning activities that ensure that the children thrive in all areas of development with a focus on understanding teamwork and positive self-image in a safe, secure and clean environment.

CUDDLERS (4-5.5 Years)

This time is for enormous and exciting growth. This preschool program teaches lifelong habits, including citizenship and social responsibilities through self-directed investigations, small group work, and teacher directed assignments and activities.

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